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Thursday, June 30, 2011

week of june 27 to july 1st


I had no classes today, and because it was SO hot (and there is still no aircon in the staffroom) I just moved as little as possible. So I didn’t encounter many students.


Back to the grind! Supposed to have 5 classes today, but thankfully, I only have 4 cuz Mizushima-sensei cancelled one.

1st period was 2-2 with Shigeki, and it went fine and the kiddies enjoyed the game. 2nd period was 2-1 and Ryo & Rei were acting crazy again but it was fun. Ayumu was surprisingly quiet, and the most troublesome ones where mini-gyaruo and his friend in the back. They wouldn’t shut up. A fun thing that happened was that, when I went over to watch Ayumu’s team, the little boy sitting next to him (I forget his name…) was trying to put the elastic in his hair… so I went “give it to me” and gave him a little front ponytail. lol. It was hilarious and he was soooo cute!!! Even the girls on the team were squealing “kawaiii!!” and he kept it like that for like a good 5 minutes. lol. He’s one of the minis. At the end of the class, Wataru came over and quietly helped me take my pictures off the board. he is sooooooo cute!!! XD

Class with 3-2 was really good. I wanna go “yappari” I love this class best. Even though they were all obviously super tired cuz of the heat, they participated and tried hard. At the beginning of the class, Daisuke came over to chat and showed me his face and went “oh no!” He’d gotten a sunburn on his cheeks and nose and the skin was all peeling and pink stuff. I forget the word he used but I was like “peel, peel. Your skin is peeling” and he went “yes, yes”. And then he went on “lady gaga!” and I’m like “no, we’re not listening to lady gaga today” and he goes, “no no… here, Japan!”. “Lady Gaga’s in Japan?”. “No! cry!” me: “huh? lady gaga is crying? why?” and he goes “tohoku!” lol. I guess lady gaga made a video for the victims of the tohoku earthquake or something… anyways, he seemed to be touched by it and I thought it was funny.

6th period was class with 3-1. It was actually my FIRST TIME to have a music lesson with them because their class was always getting cut cuz of the schedule changes. Minami was a bit bummed because I wasn’t doing Justin Bieber, but she got over it. They seemed to enjoy the listening part, giggling like little idiots when Shigeki-sensei said that the translation for “I can’t stand it” was “gaman dekinai”. Now, that’s actually fairly accurate, but in Japanese, when you say that, it kinda has a sexual connotation. Like boys will say that when they are making out with a girl or something and they wanna have sex… it’s kinda like “I can’t hold it” or something… Anyways, I forgot to mention it, but every single class giggled at this. Then, when we got to the song, it started playing for like 20 seconds before my ipod died on me. I had stupidly forgotten to charge it this morning so it was kinda inevitable, but I felt kinda bad since it was their first lesson and they didn’t even get to listen to the song! but Minami yelled at me “Don’t mind!”

Oh yeah, before class, Nami was standing outside the classroom, looking dazed as usual (what is up with that girl these days?!) and I asked her “what’s up?” and she told me that she wasn’t very genki because she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore (she was dating Dan, remember? my black fan-boy with the hair?) and she asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no and we commiserated together. I think she’s gonna be another one of “those”… like Miho last year, and Maki before that… always worried about boys, aah, poor thing.

Oh hey, btw, I have chalk girls this year! They are two 3rd year girls, and they’ve been coming up to me during cleaning time to get chalk for about a month now, I think. (They showed up in the staffroom and I was the only one there… now they come straight to me) Anyways, they come over “Vanessa, white chalk please!” and so I get up to go over to where the chalks are, and as we’re walking one of them asks me “Vanessa, boyfriend?” and I’m like “no no no…” and they say “Paul wa?”… see, yesterday, a friend of mine (named Paul) came to teach a lesson to the 3rd years because he teaches high school and a bunch of teachers from various high schools were coming to do demo lessons to entice the kids to go to their school… he also happened to tell them how old I was! damn him! But never mind that, I said “no no, we’re just friends” and they went like “yeaaah, he said that too…” looking all disappointed. lol. Then they said, “but we saw the purikura of your boyfriend last year”… and so I replied that people break up, you know! I dunno why the kids are so interested in my love life…


At the morning meeting earlier, Kyoto-sensei made a little speech about the aircon, and told us that he knew it was hot but that we should “mou chotto gaman shite ne” (bear it a little bit longer). Well fuck, how long is “a little bit more”?! *grumbles*

First period was with 1-1 and it went well. I really like this class. Ayaka’s brother (I should really remember his name) was especially cute and genki, along with the usual

On the way to class with 1-3, I ran into Minami, who proudly told me that she’d been chosen as one of the group leaders for Sports day. It’s a big deal, and usually mostly boys get chosen. Basically, the whole school will be split into 6 groups (1-1, 2-1, 3-1 together… 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 together, and so on) and they have sports competitions all day, and a “cheering” choreography… and each group has a “leader” and it’s a big deal. Anyways, I gave her a high-five and told her I was proud.

Class with 1-3 was a pain. They were dead and stupid. I dunno if it was the heat that was making them stupid, but how hard is it to say “3 o’clock” in English, really? For fuck’s sake….

Right after that, I had class with 1-2, which was enjoyable, and the kids were much more genki (except for the one I think is related to Tetsuya and Tatsuya… he was being a little dick). At the end of the class, this one kid at the front, Kengo, was pulling stunts and the kids around him told me “he is Lady Gaga”. And then Yuka showed up and she said the same thing. She said “he is Lady Kengo.” and I’m like “you can’t call him lady, he’s a boy!” so I whipped out a bunch of random silly names til I came up with “Mister Gogo” lol. And they all loved it and she promised to call him that from now on…


Fuck it’s hot today… well, again. Actually, it’s not as hot as yesterday, but more humid. I don’t have classes until 4th period today because Shigeki-sensei is absent (he’s at the hospital for some reason… for tests and stuff) today. I am NOT complaining because I am supposed to have 5 classes today.

lol. Domoto-sensei just came over as I was just staring at the screen, looking like a limp noodle, and he stopped in front of my desk and gave me the usual “good morning!” with his big dorky smile. That’s probably the only English words he knows. Anyhow, he was holding this big laminated paper in his hand and started fanning me with it! going “atsui desu ne” (it’s hot isn’t it) and my reply was a pained “atsui yo!” with pleading eyes that I hoped expressed my desire for aircon… anyhow. It was just so random that he started fanning me…. he left like 5 seconds later…

Class with 3-4…. well…. first of all, you KNOW that’s not my favorite class to teach, but today was worst than usual. Everybody was just dead from the heat – the baseball boys most of all, who were all passed out on their desks. I can’t be mad at them for it cuz it really is fucking hot and it’s cruel and inhumane to expect us to work (and kids to study) in these conditions. Plus, the kids had club yesterday after school, and it was super sunny and 35C+ and the baseball kids always get worked the hardest, and I just felt so bad for them. Most entertaining thing that happened was me drawing a little heart on Ryouga’s face while everybody else watched and giggled and he totally did not wake up. He had to be shoved awake when we did aisatsu (greeting) at the end. lol.

Class with 1-5 went really well, but there were a bunch of parents and little grade 6 kiddies prowling the hallways and popping in and out of class, which was annoying. Then I had class with 2-6, which also went well. The funny bit was when I asked 2 kids to come up and demo the game with me, nobody volunteered and Mizushima-sensei picked these two kinda shy boys to come up, and their responses were just so funny and delayed, everybody cracked up, but they were actually pretty good little assistants. Everybody was just dying from the heat though, and this class doesn’t seem to get as much “wind” as the others, cuz it’s in the corner of the building and the fans are in weird positions… anyways..

Oh yeah, something funny did happen earlier. I think when I was on my way to class for 3-4. The kids from 3-2 were all coming down the stairs (and I was going up) to go to P.E. or something, and some of the boys were walking down 3-by-3 taking the whole length of the staircase. Dan was right in front of me and I kept going up thinking “he’ll move”, but he didn’t and then he parked in front of me, one or two steps above, making this gesture, pointing pretty much from his crotch to my face, back-n-forth, going “my way! my way!” I was kinda confused for a while, but I’m not sure if he meant anything sexual by it… Anyways, I told him I was the teacher so he had to move, and he kept going “my way! my way!” but finally moved, while I chuckled up the stairs. lol. What’s his deal.


Thank god it’s Friday! This week has been so horrible and hot. It’s a bit cooler today, but mostly due to the fact that it’s not sunny. Oh and I also finally learned why we are not getting aircon… apparently it’s because, since the renovations of the school, the 1st year teachers’ room doesn’t have aircon, and it wouldn’t be fair to them if the rest of us had it. Supposedly, they are supposed to fix that? Eventually? Fuck. What do I care about fair?? They can come work in here… *sigh*

Anyways, today I have 3 classes, all in the morning. Not really up to it. 1st and 2nd period were 1-6 and 1-4, and they both went well, and mini-kid Hideki decided he was having a good day today and wasn’t grumpy. lol. I have to stop myself from going “aaaaaawww!” every time I see him, cuz he’s too freakin adorable.

Last class of the day was 2-5 and it went very well. I felt a bit bad showing them pictures of amazingly delicious-looking food just before lunch, but what can you do?

So. I’m sorry if it seems nothing much is happening these days… it’s just so hot that I think nobody has the energy to be funny. Now on that note… TGIF, bitches!

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