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Monday, June 27, 2011

Week of June 20 to 24


1st thing in the morning, I had to record the 3rd year listening test with Hasegawa-sensei. Nothing too exciting.

Second period was 2-4 and I was kinda dreading it but Masaya was actually quite well behaved today. Wonder if anything happened or if he just had enough of me ignoring him. On the way to class, I saw some 3rd year boys (Koudai and Kota) climbing up the stairs sloooowly, holding their backs like they were little old men. I asked one of them what was wrong and he went “oshiri itaiiiiii….” (my butt hurts) and kept on moaning. lol. I don’t wanna know what they did in P.E. class… :/

After that I had a reading test with 3-1, which was fine, and sometimes hilarious. I was surprised that Minoru (this dorky kid who used to get bullied) did the whole thing flawlessly and I gave him a perfect score. I suspect him of going to juku, or be getting special eikaiwa lessons or something… he didn’t use to be that good… in other matters, Minami, Nao (I always call her “Mao”!!) and I spent most of the break discussing piercings (again) lol. Oh and at the end of class, Minami asked me what was my next class and I said “break”. She then asked me “what do you do when you have no class?” and I told her I slept. Her eyes went wide and she went “majiiii?!!” lol. I love that she is so gullible… then I said no, I drink coffee and work on my computer. :p

In the hallway, the two girls in charge of English for 3-2 caught up to me and there was a very confusing conversation about me having to go there next class. When I finally understood that they wanted me to go there NOW, I told them they should talk to mr. Mizushima because it wasn’t on my schedule. They thought that since our sentaku class had been cuz last week (cuz of tests), I would come this week. honestly, I wanted to, cuz I love that class, but I just wanted my chair and my coffee at that point… if I had known in advance, I might’ve said yes (and Mizushima probably wouldn’t have minded) but I played the lazy ALT for the day. There you have it.

So, hum, yeah, I just went down from 2 to 1. Apparently… schedule changes. I have stopped caring. Eh. Off I go to my only class of the day then… for a reading test… EXCITING!!


This morning is horrible. I mean, yesterday was pretty humid too, but since I’d had a good night’s sleep, it wasn’t so bad at school. My aircon unit at home is OLD and completely busted, and it only works when it feels like it… apparently last night it didn’t feel like it because it kept blowing room temperature air at me, and so I slept horribly and woke up all sticky. I shiver to think at what’s gonna happen when it actually gets HOT (on top of just humid) and it makes me wanna cry… of course, there is no A/C at school, so I am stuck here in my chair, sweating.

When I got here this morning, there was a not on my desk from Hasegawa sensei, saying that our 5th period class with 3-2 was cancelled. So I’m going from 3 to 2 classes today. Let the fun begin!

Aahh… *big sigh* things are just not going my way this week. Class went fine, and most kids did okay on the test, but then I finished early and came back into class and the JTE was giving them a pop-quiz or something, and I noticed Kazuma was just sitting as far away from his paper as he could, not writing. I went to poke him to work, and in my wake, the teacher went over to scold him and I knew it just made him more annoyed. It made me wonder if he’s like that in his other classes as well, or just English cuz he doesn’t understand. I think it might be the latter. I wish I could help him. so I went to suggest (like I do every year…) to Hasegawa-sensei if we could set up some sort of program to help the weaker kids, cuz they just can’t catch up in this system (unless they go to juku) and she’s like “yeah, sounds nice, but we can’t force them, and they have club after school”. *sigh* CAN’T you force them? You’re teachers!! What’s more important, club? or kids’ grades? Of course, club is more important, right? :/

Anyways, ran into Daisuke on the stairs and he went “ha! ha!” at me. lol. So I just repeated it to him, and he paused, and instead of spewing his usual “you’re a crazy girl!” he went “long time no see!” and it just made me smile. Indeed, because of schedule changes and stuff, I haven’t seen his class for about 2 weeks now. cutie! ^_^

Just ran into some 3rd year boys down the stairs (that pretty one on the student council, and the one with the freckles… although fuck me if I can remember their names…) and one went “hello!” and the other went “harro” and the one who said it wrong said to the other “heeello janakute, harro ja…” (it’s harro, not hello) and it just cracked me up so I turned around to correct them… lol. Freckle-boy’s hair was all wet and so I asked him if they were coming back from swimming class, which put pretty-boy in stitches, “no, no! not swim! P.E.! P.E.!” apparently playing dodgeball was intense for that kid. I reiterate… Japanese P.E. classes = scary!!


This morning, I am not feeling so good. in fact, I would have actually called in sick (I almost never do, even with migraines, if that gives you an idea) but since the BoE said they’d send someone to look at my (broken) aircon this morning, I figured I had best not be there (lying sick in bed half-naked) when they came. So I dragged my sorry ass to school. 1st period was supposed to be 1-1, but apparently there is a meeting for all the 1st years during that period, so no class. I was SO thankful, you can’t even imagine. I came back to the staffroom, sat down and held my head in my hands with my eyes closed. til I couldn’t stay up anymore and I just lied my head down on my arms right on my desk. Bear in mind that the staffroom was still full of people, and no one said anything for a good long while, bout 20 minutes in fact, when the nurse came over to ask if I was ok, and Hasegawa-sensei said I would have to give the reading test without her during second period. Why? Apparently Kazuma (yes, mr. I’m-always-sleeping) didn’t come home last night, and now they found out where he is and they’re going to fetch him… eeeeh…

So I ended up going home after 2nd period. I was in such bad shape… I couldn’t stand up cuz I was so dizzy, then if I sat down I got queasy, so I got back up again… getting through the reading test was horrible – I’m pretty sure the kids noticed there was something wrong with me, and even though I finished about 10 minutes before bell, Hasegawa-sensei told me to go home. So I went down chasing Aoshima-sensei to tell him that I wouldn’t be in class and only found him just before the period started, and he seemed a bit startled, but said ok.

On the way I ran into Manaka, this little 2nd year girl, who is so tiny and delicate, but I know she has ALL the boys in the year under her finger. lol. Like, she bullies them like no other and could probably kick all their asses. Anyways, recently, she’s started telling me I’m so “kawaii” every time she runs into me. It’s kinda funny. and that time as well, she was walking next to me and as I’m feeling like death and just wanna crumple on the ground and cry, she tells me again that I’m so pretty. Aaah, bless them.

Also funny thing that happened was running into a group of 3rd year boys on the way back, and Dan going out of his way to say “hello!” to me, but raising his arm and flexing his muscles in front of my face. As dead as I felt, I just could stop laughing. Also, it’s like the 3rd time today that he’s come over to say hi (exaggeratedly) to me. Something’s up.


Somehow, a miracle happened and I am better today. Thank god!!! There was a morning meeting first up, which I knew about because someone had kindly written on the schedule board that yesterday was “asauchiawase NASHI” in big red marker and underlined it, and it said that there was one today. Apparently, there is also one tomorrow, which is lame.

Anyways, because everyone is having tests, I should have the whole day free, but I don’t because somehow the 1st years don’t have tests, and anyways, the rest of the students have classes in the afternoon, so I have period 5 and 6. But anyhow, I had to help Shigeki-sensei with the listening test again during first period. all went well, but for some mysterious reason, the hot teacher who never talks to me was watching over us in the broadcasting room the whole time… random.

I started feeling sick again by the middle of the afternoon, so I left after 6th period, making some excuse to Kyoto-sensei.


Woke up with my head pounding and called in sick.

sorry it wasn’t a very exciting week…

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