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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Sorry, there’s been some stuff happening in my personal life recently, and keeping up with the blog has kinda been the last thing on my mind… here are some bits and bobs that I remember happening over the last 2 weeks.

Last week Monday, when I was feeling super down in the dumps and heading to my first class trying not to cry, Ryohei (3-5) fell into step next to me, with his little friend behind him going “go on!” in Japanese, and blurted out, super randomly, in perfect English “will you be my friend?” I just stared at him for a second completely dumbfounded and then smiled and answered “sure” and he high-fived his friend and ran off to P.E. class. I just kept walking, giggling to myself. I wanted to cry, but this time of happiness. These kids really are a blessing to me sometimes, especially when bad things happen in my personal life.

Just before class with 3-2, the following day, Daisuke asked me for valentine’s day chocolates. lol. I told him that I wouldn’t give him any and he was like “pu-lease, please!” and I laughed and said that if I gave him any, I would have to give some to all the other boys too and I was poor”. He winked at me and whispered “only me”. I shook my head, laughing, and said finally that if I gave him any the other teachers would yell at me. Then he leaned in, a finger over his lips and went “secret!” lol.

I had class with 1-4 at one point and they were being really loud. Particularly this one group of boys at the back, which included two of my faves, Atsuhiro and Akira-chan. The unit they are studying now talks about monkeys (bonobos and chimps) and one of the vocabulary word was “human”. So when I said it, for the bingo game, I was walking on their side and waved at them “you are not humans!” and Atsuhiro went “yes, yes, human!” and I said “no, no, no… you are monkeys!” and all the others laughed while he was trying to deny being a monkey. Then Akira-chan bent over and said “monkey leader!” pointing to Atsuhiro. lol. Really not too sure what that was about, but it went on for a while and then we continued playing the game. After class had ended and I was packing my stuff, the two of them came over and I said “bye monkeys!” and Atsuhiro said again he wasn’t a monkey, and I laughed, shaking my head to mean he was wrong. He pointed to Akira and asked “what about him?” in Japanese, to which I answered “of course, he’s a monkey too. Kinda looks a little bit like a monkey too.” and right then, Akira made this totally priceless face an went “hook! hook!” raising his shoulders with each squeak, and I was just pissing myself laughing. That kid is much too cute.

Now, this week, when I walked into 3-6 class for sentaku English, Taisei and Jumpei were huddled near the windows, trying to soak up the sunlight’s warmth because it’s freakin’ cold. I was focused on unpacking my crap, but then I noticed I could hear singing. I turned around and asked Taisei “are you singing?!” to which Jumpei answered, completely not understanding my question “Tohoshinki!” and I just kinda raised my eyebrows at them. Tohoshinki? Really? Only in Japan would two 15y.o. “cool boys” admit to listening to and even liking a boyband… oh Japan… Anyhoo, we spent a few minutes chatting about which songs we liked, and then they laughed at me when I said I liked “Stand by U”. What’s wrong with that song?!

In 3-2, a girl who pretty much never never talks to me came to ask me what my boob size was at the end of class. Now up until recently, I’d always answered this question with “they don’t have my size in Japan”, but a little while ago, I was bored waiting for my bf to show up and killing time shopping, I wandered into a lingerie shop and decided to see if I could find some that fit. Well, I did. A helpful little shop-girl found me some (super hideous) giant sized bras that I tried on just for kicks and now know that I am a Japanese size H or I. lol. I think they just have such a variety of “sizes” (it’s all just padding anyways) to make themselves feel better about having no tits. Anyways, so I tell the girl “I’m a size H” cuz I felt kinda bad for her and I thought “she’s a girl, what’s the harm?” and then she started counting on her fingers, nodding to herself, and wandered off back to her friends. Huh? What was that about?!!

Oh, and Daisuke also came over to pester me about chocolates again (this was on the actual day of valentine’s day) and we were arguing back and forth and the thing that finally shut him up was when I said “you’re not my boyfriend”. He looked thoughtful, nodded, and said “aaaah…” lol. Then he looked at me hopefully going “tomo-choco?” lol!


  1. Ahahahah!! I would like to get to know Daisuke!! He's so funny!!
    "Ganbatte" if you're sad sometimes, you're lucky for having so much pupils who love you ;)

    1. thanks! yeah, actually, my personal situation righted itself so things are better now...

      Daisuke is awesome! pretty much my favorite student in the whole school! although don't tell him that... :p

  2. Your stundents sound friendly and talkative with teachers! or is that only with you? Especially Daisuke seems funny :D

    You seem to have a pretty fun time at school :D

    1. well, my kids are pretty friendly, but i do think i have a special relationship with them too... especially the 3rd years, i've been teaching them since they entered the school, so they know me very well.

      i know! on a bad day or when i feel like i hate this town, my kiddies always cheer me up!

  3. You have such lovely stundents! I'm really envying you!

    And I know the problem with the BRA Size! xD I have C and in Japan it was E!! haha! I love jap. lingerie! <3

    1. haha, yeah... i can't buy lingerie here... even though i now found out that they DO have my size, the big sizes they have are just so ugly!!

  4. Do you really think black looks hot on pale people? I cant agree! it doesnt look hot at all! I have friends who wear black and I always think OMG how ugly! I do not agree everybody can wear it! XD i dont know why! There are people that look sick with black! Its just my opinion! Hot is different! XS btw i have found many cute bra in Japan! I cant remember where, maybe somewhere in Harajuku :)

  5. Hello Sweety

    Thank you so much for your comment!
    I think you can understand me very well! You are living in Japan and it's pretty hard, I know. It was hard for me too, but it was like I needed that challenge! But it takes time to get used with and once you can speak the language fluently and read the kanjis life becomes a little bit easier...! But one year was not enough to figure out if I fit in that life or not, you know! ...I have a good life in Switzerland, but I feel like a stranger! I'm so different from other people living here and there is no place for a dreamer like me U_U