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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been so sparse lately… but I have sad news for you, I think the end of this blog is coming shortly. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it on here before, but some of you might know that I am quitting my job here. It’s been planned for a long time and I am leaving at the end of the school year, but for Japan, that time is now. The last couple of weeks have been slightly whirlwindy, with everything revolving around leaving this job, finding a new one, and moving… nevermind an impending trip back home to Canada… which means that this week is actually my last week of classes here. I’m not sure if I’m gonna have the time or the mind to update on the going-ons or the sappiness of whatever happens this week, so I’m gonna leave you with some golden tidbits that some of the kids wrote me after the last music class we had together last week.

Aaah… look at the spelling grammar on these… T_T yay for good English teaching, eh?

Miyu from 3-4 writes “we could listen many English songs. I feel happy. Tankyou for an year to”… to…?

Mio from 3-4 wrote “I love Vanessa. You’s class is very enjoy! Thank you very much! <3”

From Shiomi, the ultimate too-cool-for-school brat in 3-4 “I’m very hungry today. See you Vanessa, thank you!”

And then when you didn’t manage to teach them any English at all…
Mayu from 3-5 “今までありがとうございました。<3 バネッサlove!”

Kodai from 3-5 wrote, “thank you for teaching English for a year. Overseas culture is very nice.” lol.

From Shuusuke (the future hipster) about the No Doubt lesson “this song is my favorite song. Her voice is very cool!! I like it!! I want to listen to another her songs. Thank you very much!!”

Yuta from 3-5, about the No Doubt lesson : “soul is hit! I like nice song” lol. sound like something that would go on a t-shirt.

From Kazusa (who is a boy… he has a weird name, I know…) “I think this song is broken heart story. This class is last. Thank you for teaching somethings. I had a good time in this class”. awww… I know I never talk about him, but I quite like that kid. He’s really quiet and has really really black hair, and big giant eyebrows.

From Saki, 3-5 “I can understand listening more than before. I like this song. English class was interesting. Thank you (*^w^*)!!

This one made me laugh… from little “ganguro” Haruka (also, a boy) “this song is sung by my mother in カラオケ”. Wait what? Your mother likes No Doubt?! Cool!! also, that means your mom is probably around my age… which is depressing… T_T

Aaaand, that’s it! they’re the only two classes that I actually got to tell that I was leaving, so they’re the only ones that had goodbye comments on their papers…

Oh and fun fact, when I told Bad Ryota I was leaving, he was like “EEEEH?!?! MAJI??!!?!?!” and basically “but you’re gonna come back for the farewell ceremony, right??!” (all in Japanese, of course…) and I was really taken aback because, seriously, that kid has been the bane of my existence (and every other teacher’s) for at least half the year… since when have you loved me so much?! lol. but I was really touched and it made me go “aaaawww….”

I will most definitely be crying at the farewell ceremony!!


  1. I have been a silent reader of your blog for the last few months and have really enjoyed your posts! I'm sad if the end of it is coming but understand. Are you trying to look for work in Japan or would you want to work back in Canada for a while?

    I have applied for JET as well and am waiting for April to roll around. If I am accepted hopefully I will get classes with students as awesome as yours haha. I am slightly scared of of being placed in that very small percentage of people that teach at a school where they don't like foreigners even though unlikely but I guess you take the whole thing one step at a time.

    Anyways have enjoyed your blog a whole heap and loved reading all your posts!! :)

    1. great to hear from you! I'm moving to Tokyo and in the process of securing another job over there. it'll still be with teenagers but a lot more challenging so i honestly don't think that i'll have time to make note of every fun little tidbit that happens...

      there is also the fact that, what makes this blog fun to read is the strong relationship i have with all my kiddies at the moment, and that it'll probably take a while to build up to the same extent of what it is now... so maybe in a couple of months? but actually, i really want to make a new blog, but kind of a "lifestyle blog" where i just talk about my life in Japan and fashion and makeup and all that... i am really into those things and read a lot of blogs like that so i kinda want to start my own! it looks like a lot of work though, so maybe.... :p

      good luck on getting into JET! as they say, ESID, but i'm sure you'll be somewhere where kids will love you. besides, it's up to you to make your kids love you!!

  2. MAJI DE!? Noooo I'm so saaad :( I just have started to follow this blog! But I understand... Hope you'll find a job like this one! It must be amazing being loved by teenagers, right? :)

    “I’m very hungry today. See you Vanessa, thank you!” --> Fan of this message xDDDDDDDDD

    1. go read the old entries then!

      yeah, i feel bad for cutting this short too, but my life is moving on so it's inevitable! maybe i'll start a new one and you can read that one! ^_-

      i might still blog about the farewell ceremony though cuz i think i'm gonna cry... :p

  3. Oh, this is sad. :-( You don't feel like blogging about your new job, too? I'll miss your funny stuff otherwise. A lot. :-/

    1. i probably will but i think it'll take a while to get settled in and actually have time to blog, so it might be a month or two before i get into it... but stay tuned! you never know! ^_-

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