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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week of January 9th to 13th

Happy New Year everyone!! 
It’s 2012, and the holidays are over, and that means back to the grind.


Public holiday in Japan.


Well. Here we go again. Today I was supposed to have 5 classes. FIVE. On Friday, I went over to ask Mizushima-sensei if he minded cutting 4th period with 3-2, since they basically had an extra class over everybody else and I didn’t wanna have to prepare an extra music lesson just for them (you wouldn’t think, but those things take AGES), and I figured that since he is constantly cancelling his classes with me, he couldn’t say much about it. Well, he seemed really surprised, but said fine, and sure enough, took the opportunity to tell me to not come to 2-3 during 3rd period, because they had to prepare for the tests on Wednesday.  Fair enough, that still left me with 2-2 and 2-1 with Shigeki for 1st and 2nd period, and then 3-1 in the afternoon 6th period. Nice cozy little day with not too much, not too little free time.

So I show up this morning, print my ninensei lesson, and then when Shigeki-sensei finally makes an appearance in the staffroom (5 minutes before class) I go “oh, we have 2-2 now and 2-1 right after, right?” and he goes “aaaaah *teeth sucking sorry….” and there goes my morning.

So I ended up having one class today, which involved watching a movie for 40 out of the 50 minutes of lesson time. We finished watching Hairspray, and like 90% of all the students had “lost” their papers, which made me pretty cranky, and made us start late cuz Shigeki sensei went down to photocopy more. Furthermore, at the end of the class, he proceeded to translate every single question into Japanese, which made me want to pull my hair out, but I was too tired to give a fuck. So let me recap, we watched the movie with subtitles, and then he translates all the questions… and the point of this ENGLISH activity was??? Urgh… at least he’s only a few years away from retirement… *facepalm*


Bad class with 2-4…. Masaya was apparently reliving his 3rd year of existence when he decided that it would be funny to repeat every single thing I said *sigh* the that was followed by a bad class with 3-4, but what was I expecting, really?

One funny thing that happened was Mao and Minami, chasing me down the hallway to ask what “yeah man!” meant. Except that Minami kept saying “yemen” for the first 5 minutes and I had NO idea what she was trying to say. lol. they followed this by asking me what air quotation meant, and then asking what was “XOXO”. I think they’ve started watching gossip girl… I told them to come ask me after lunch, which they did. and oh boy, trying to explain air quotations to kids who can barely understand English, in a country that doesn’t understand sarcasm was FUN! -_- but nevermind, I like those kiddies. Afterwards, I asked Minami if she liked gyaru magazines cuz I was cleaning my house and could give her some old ones and she said I was “gyappu”. I had never heard that word before and Mao tried to explain it to me, and apparently it’s being something that you don’t look like you are? like living a double life or having a secret identity. lol. Then as I was walking back into the staffroom she shouted at me “Vanessa is secret gyaru on weekend!”  well… not so secret anymore, I guess!


In 1-6 Shoki kept removing hair from my pants. lol. Wait, that sounds wrong. I should probably mention that I shed my hair like a dog, and you can usually find long strands of blond hair all over my clothes at any given time. Shoki, this 3 feet tall little kid with a constant smirk like he is soooooo up to no good, has decided that his favorite thing to do now is to remove the hair he can spot on my clothes… weird? yup. but at least it’s entertaining for the other kids in class :p Yuuya was annoying, but actually did the test and the game earnestly. I guess he was in a good mood. He also got a really horrible haircut. I wonder if his mom cut it, cuz it looks really bad. lol.

1-4 boys were arm wrestling with Tatsuki when I walked in (the little kid who is kinda “slow” and “spaced” and kinda the class mascot) but the hilarious thing was that he was beating all of them (with his usual dazed face). Little baby Hideaki kept stealing glances at me the whole class and then doing this shy-giggle-thing and hiding when I looked back. He is suffering from the same attention disease as Ayumu and Masaya in 2nd grade… Towards the end, Atsuhiro kept saying that Yuka-sensei looked like she didn’t have a boyfriend. lol. Oh and I went to pester Akira-chan a bit and called him “Akira-chan” loudly in front of all his friends and went “I like Akira-chan cuz he’s so cuuuute!” and poked his cheek, and they all fell over themselves laughing, saying “she says she LIKES you!” “you’re kawaii!!!! Akira-chan kawaii!” and just dying… I’m a bad teacher.


  1. Gosh, what do the kids think that one looks like when single?! Weird. ^^

  2. lol. that kid was just dicking around. the funny part is that, she does have a boyfriend, but she kept playing along cuz she didn't wanna tell him. basically it was kind of an insult like, "you look like you can't get a boyfriend"... then i told him he also looked like he couldn't get a boyfriend, and he was like "yeaaah...." *hangs head down* lol.