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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week of November 21st to 25th


Was test day, so nothing too exciting happened.


Backstreet Boys lesson for sentaku with 3-2 and 3-1. The latter was surprisingly uber genki, even though it was 6th period. Possibly because class was a nice break from the tests they’ve been having recently. Minami and co kept going on and on about my nails and exte, and about our karaoke date. Ayumi from 3-2 was in love with Brian, and a bunch of the kids from both class were like “are they really foreigners??” (referring to the BSB pics I was passing around) “some of them look Japanese”… :/


Holiday! Migraine! Joy!


Hairspray lesson with 3-4 and 3-5… Went down better than expected with my two not-so-favorite groups… I was so sick in the morning I “skipped” 2-4 with Shigeki… he never noticed.


First period was 1-6, which was fine, and fun, except that Yuuya from 1-6 refused to do the test, which left me a bit confused because how would he not know at least one answer??? He was just trying to be a dick. He is usually so genki, so that made me sad.

Then I had 1-4 right after, who cheered a bit when I walked in, so that made me happy.  The boys in 1-4 ALL had like super messed-up hair. wtf. Baby Hideaki was pretending to have his eyes closed during mokuso and then giggling like an idiot and he saw I’d caught him. On the way back, I ran into Soma and his little posse, and they stayed to walk with me and chat shyly and were SO stoked when I grabbed their hands to demonstrate my human-heater powers. lol.

Then Mizushima-sensei cancelled our class with 2-5. Dunno why I’m surprised really… must be like a month or something since I’ve seen those kids!

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