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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week of November 14th to 18th

Sooorry! This is very very retroactive… I wrote it the week it was happening, obviously, but then I never had time to edit it, and then I forgot about it. Plus, I thought no one was reading this blog :p  It wasn’t until I met up with a friend over the holidays, and she told me “oh yeah! I love your blog and I showed it to all my coworkers and they love it too!” that I was like “huh… people actually read it?!” lol. So I figured I should get off my butt and start it up again. And, since there’s no class until next week, well, you’ll have this (plus one more post) to keep you company…

I’m also considering changing the format a bit, and instead of doing a dutiful weekly diary, just do one-off posts with interesting things that happened or that I’ve noticed…

Anyways, that’s enough blabber for now… read on!!


I was lazy and didn’t write it down and now I forgot. It was actually a pretty good day too! :p


Today is actually pretty slow since the only person who has NOT cancelled their classes with me is Hasegawa-sensei. Damn those tests, eh? I’m actually a pretty happy camper though, cuz I have a cold, and normally Tuesdays are 5-classes days…

2nd period was regular English with 3-5, with me just playing the English parrot at the front, so it was of course boring as hell and nothing exciting happened. OH! But before class, while I was walking in the 3rd year hallway, Takaya and Ryota (from 3-4) were dicking around and Takaya went “help me!” and started walking stealthily behind me… (like, at a crouch and moving his hands like when you’re skiing…) and I turned around and asked him “who are you hiding from?” but he couldn’t understand and I didn’t know how to say “hide” in Japanese. Then Ryota decided that this was the funniest thing in the world, so he decided to go place himself right behind Takaya and imitate him, doing the same exact retarded “stealth” walk… they followed me nearly all the way to 3-5 like that… lol.

5th period was regular English with 3-2, which again was a bore, but it had its interesting moments since – of course – it’s 3-2. First up, a group of girls ambushed me on the way to the classroom and we started chatting (with Ayumi declaring her undying love for me again) and then they were trying to teach me this slang word which means “single” and it was something like “real-yu” but I really didn’t get it. Then they were like “oh! You should ask Daisuke if he’s realyu!” and at that very moment, Daisuke showed up and they were like “come here! come here!” and pushed me onto him and I just refused to do it… lol. Honestly I didn’t even understand what they wanted me to say and I was super embarrassed. Poor Daisuke was just completely confused.

During class, while the kids were working on their handouts (but a bunch of them had already finished) I went to scold Kota cuz he was studying math. We started chatting and then I said I was really bad at Math. He started pulling each one of his textbooks (and of course, by that point Dan was turned around in his seat and participating to the conversation too) and asking me if I was good at that subject. P.E? No. Science? No. Japanese? No. (They’re all laughing at me by this point) Social Studies? Ok. “Oh really? How about History?” Dan asks me, and I nod. I really liked history in High School. Then Dan goes (in Japanese) “wait a minute, she probably doesn’t study Japanese history…” lol. So they started asking me about the history of Canada. Then Kota asked me when the history of Canada started so I said “around 1600?” (yeah, I suck at history now… but I was good at it in school!! XD) and he scoffed and said Japan’s history was much older. After teaching them what “B.C.” meant (they were really into it!) they said that Japan’s history started about 3000 years B.C. lol. Anyways, it was a funny conversation that was interrupted by Hasegawa-sensei wanting to correct the paper… oops.

At the end of class, Daisuke waved me over and told me I was crazy. Then he laughed and said “You crazy today. You made a mistake”. There was the word “Argentine” in the textbook and I said it wrong. Cuz honestly, how the fuck should I know it was “ar-jent-een” and not “ar-jen-tyne”? But apparently he thought it was hilarious. So I told him “you know English’s not my first language” and he went “it’s not?!” with this stunned look on his face, “what is it?” so I told him it was French, and he was all impressed… it’s funny cuz I tell my kids every year that I speak French, and they always forget. :p


Only had one class today and it was with 2-1… Sadly, nothing super exciting happened, other than the usually dickery with the 2-1 boys, and perhaps a bit too much fan-servicing on my part… oh well! :p

Thursday & Friday

Those days were mid-year-seminar (which has been renamed something stupider this year, but I can’t be bothered looking it up), which is basically a two-day conference for JETs all over the prefecture. This is fun and useful in your first year… by the time your second year rolls around, you’re already bored, so imagine having to go for a 4th time… JOY! Although it’s fun to see those other people you never get to see, it’s such a bore, and honestly, I’d rather be at school.

Sorry this week wasn’t very blog-worthy! Peace out!


  1. “huh… people actually read it?!”
    People were actually commenting, but never got any reaction, so they stopped bothering.
    I have you on my blogroll. Maybe I don't give you traffic, but at least I'm a reader. Sadly you never responded to me, clicked on my name or even saw me.

  2. Soooorry!!! omg... I feel like such an idiot cuz i thought you were my friend Michelle!! lol. and I would just reply to her by email or facebook... aaah, she must've thought i was weird... lol!

    again, so sorry, and thanks! I will totally reply to your comments from now on! and i'm on your blogroll?! omg! thanks!

  3. But I _am_ your friend. ;-) Anyhow: Yoroshiku!