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Friday, October 21, 2011

Week of October 18th to 22nd


First and 3rd period got switched somehow, but with only the ichinensei… which means that I had 1-3 first, and then 1-1 during third period. 1-3 were right proper little zombie the whole fucking time. It was actually kinda unnerving. Aoshima-sensei even flipped out at them for not answering a question he was asking them in Japanese (it was funny cuz he is an unusually quiet and soft-spoken man. lol). During my part, they were even more zombiefied. I made that comment to Aoshima-sensei at the end of class, and he went “yeah, they did Thriller during sports day” and I just stood staring at him like “holy shit! did you just crack a joke just now?!” I was too stunned for words. Oh, also, I walked up to dinosaur-boy at the beginning of the class cuz he hadn’t opened his book yet, and he looked up to me and went, in perfect English “may I help you?” lol. That kid is the cutest.

1-1 went much better, and once the little smart asses figured out what I wanted them to do (I was showing them pictures of cars and they had to say adjectives like “long, expensive, fast”…) they started saying words that were the obvious opposite of what I wanted them to say. So when I showed a tiny car they all went “big! very big!!” It was cute. At least it showed enthusiasm on their part.

I was supposed to have 1-2 with Yuka right after, but since tests are tomorrow (and she’d forgotten we had class) she said to please not come. Sweet, considering I am sleepy as hell.

What is not so sweet is that I had somehow not written down on my schedule that I had class with 3-1 in the afternoon. Lucky for me I figured it out before lunch break, and even luckier that that class hadn’t done the MCR lesson yet… otherwise I would’ve been FUCKED. I’m in the process of devising a new music lesson now for Thursday, but it’s not ready yet. Oh yeah, speaking of which. Last Friday, I was marveling about the fact that the new giant tvs we can roll into class can plug onto our computers. I said to Hasegawa sensei that I thought it was cool cuz I’d be able to show videos in my music class and she went “yeah, the children would be less bored than just listening to music”. and I was like “excuse me?!” I swear, she keeps making these passive aggressive remarks at me!! She isn’t even there during the music classes, and at least I’m TRYING to do something different… sheesh. What’s her problem?! (sorry, had to get that off my chest).

Anyways, class with 3-1? Well, it sucked. I really don’t know why I bother even trying anymore… maybe I’ll just show them movies from now on. To be fair, they have tests tomorrow and they are all super tired cuz they are studying like crazy for the stupid tests. when I showed up to class during break, my usual little crazy posse was being incredibly hyper, with Kousuke reading out practice questions from a book and whenever any of them answered it correctly they would howl. That’s right, howl. Like wolves :/ As soon as class started though, they proceeded to pass out on their desks. yay.


Today was test day so I had no classes. I was REALLY happy about it, and no crazy fuckup came around to give me afternoon classes, so I just focused on prepping my new music lesson and reading blogs. It was so nice :p


Today is tests again, but only until 3rd period (weird). At least I get a nice little 3 period break to wake-up before I have to attack the giant human blob that is 3-4… They better like my goddamn video!!!!

Aaaargh… Ryotaaaaa…. I want to punch you in the face!!! Or at least squeeze you little neck really tight!! urgh!! Well actually I did – squeeze his neck, I mean – in a choking motion… as a joke though, which he found funny… damn him. He is such a little shit…. Actually, class went well enough, considering. They got super excited when they saw the tv and all started squealing “Spiderman?!” and I was like “no, we are not watching Spiderman…”  See, this is because Mizushima-sensei had promised them that before summer vacation, but it ended up never happening… Anyways, they paid more attention than usual, I think and the video at the end was a success, but Ryota… maaaan, that kid. he kept dicking around with Shun… being really loud about it too, and looking at Ne-Yo’s picture and going “kitanai!” which means “dirty” cuz he was black… Japanese people get reeeeeeaally little exposure to black people, so the reaction when they do (for kids at least) is often giggles. Anyways. Also during the song he kept doing these really ridiculous dance moves, and trying to get his buddies across the room to look at him and laugh at him. ergh… he did tell me he really liked the song at the end though, which was kinda “wtf?” but I guess… *sigh* Anyways, it could’ve been worse.

5th period was with 1-5, and they were really fun, as usual. When I walked into the class, a bunch of kids said “hey” and I went “what, no cheering today?” so they went “yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!” lol. Then the funny chubby kid with the buzz cut and glasses was being super loud while repeating the words Aoshima-sensei was saying, and it was just really funny. When reading the text he would go “oh really?” going really high on the “really” and making everybody crack up. Fun times.

Ran into Ayumu on the way back and he was walking around in zig-zags going “tsukaretaaaaa….” (I’m tired…) lol. I asked him how his tests went and he went “tests? I don’t do tests…”  ;p


First period was my Ne-Yo music lesson with 3-5. They were better than 3-4, but Kazuma was there and he was turned around in this seat and talking with Ryohei the whole time… even though he was the first kid in the line and like RIGHT in front of me… I had to tell him several times to shut up and turn around, and even one time physically turn him around… sheesh. Shigeki-sensei was freakin’ hilarious with his comments, as always. Today’s prized jem was “I love Michael Jackson, he looks like Michael Jackson. Great dancer”. yup. They reeeeeeaaallly look alike……… -_-

3rd period was 2-4 and 4th was 2-5 and it was the same lesson and because I’m a bad, lazy blogger, I can’t remember what happened much, besides the fact that Masaya was way quieter than usual, except for a bit of his usual “rebound” banter at the beginning and end of class.


That’s right, Saturday. Today is a special day, so the parents can come and watch their kids having lessons. In exchange for being here today, we had last Monday off – which is really stupid if you ask me because they should’ve given us next Monday off instead so we could have at least two days off in a row… but I have learned a long time ago that most of the decisions my school makes don’t make sense, so…

Anyhow, the day started off to a not too fantastic start as the train that I take to get to school was stopped (I dunno why, maybe rain?) and the guy at the gate was saying it could be an hour before it would start running again. Turns out it was only ten minutes, but I still had to call my school to say I was gonna be late. As luck would have it, I showed up just in time for my first lesson, which kinda sucked because at that point I would have preffered just skipping it, but whatever.

First period was 1-7 and all went well. Kiddies cheered a bit when I walked in and Eitaro was super cute. He took his job as the “mokuso” (quiet minute) leader very seriously. Only one parent showed up. I guess it was too early.

After that I had my MCR lesson with 3-3, I was super stoked about it, but then I had problem after problem after problem with the video and the computer/tv and in the end I couldn’t play it, which sucked. Koudai and his little posse were having a grand old time of watching me trying to fix it and making cracks at my “angry face”. They kept going “Vanessa is angry!” in English, which was very funny. No parents came to the class.

I managed to fix the problem in 3-6, and by the time I got there, parents had started trickling in. I think I may have freaked them out a bit with the video and by teaching the kids important things like “you’re nuts” and “I hate your guts”. But hey, it’s international lesson time! Who cares! lol. The kids were all really giddy. I dunno if they wanted to impress their parents or what but they were all really chipper and paying attention and answering my questions… even Masamitsu was in a good mood (although he said the video was crazy and he didn’t like the song…) One funny thing though, Taisei didn’t say a word the whole time, and just sat quietly in the back. I asked him what was up at the end of the class and he told me he was tired cuz he had a cold… damn. it’s like the energizer bunny winding down… lol.

On the way back I ran into Minami, Nao and another 3-1 girl who stopped to have a chat with me. I honestly can’t remember what it was about, but Minami was trying really hard to talk in English, which impressed me. Then when I passed in front of 3-1, some of the boys were dicking around and mumbled something at me and I stopped and went “what?” and they obviously chickened out of repeating what they had originally said, but then Kouki asked me if my mother was coming today, which cracked me up. I asked “why, do you want to meet my mother?” and he said “yes!” lol…. maybe next time…

lol… I’m checking the comment sheets from the music classes… one of the kids from 3-6 wrote “I have a cold. But my listening power is perfect!!!” lol. Cracked me up so much! No mistakes either! !

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  1. "That’s right, howl. Like wolves"
    :-D Sounds to fight off boredom.
    "I went “what, no cheering today?” so they went “yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!” lol"
    This is just too cute!
    I wonder, why the parents didn't come to the early lessons on Saturday. When the kid leaves for school, they should have just went with them. I don't get it.