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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Digest : March 7th - 11th


urgh, it’s Monday. Had class with 1-5 first thing and they are Shigeki-sensei’s homeroom and so he spent his whole half of the class doing homeroom-related things (aka, not English), then we played Pictionary, but I was relayed to the job of referee because he took each and every kid aside to “help” them understand the words. Kinda grossed me out too cuz he would just grab them in an almost choke-hold, and then “whisper” in their face, but he was so close it looked like he was almost kissing them. Not only was that gross in itself, but Shigeki-sensei also has the foulest breath of anyone I’ve ever met. (and that’s saying something, in Japan) It smells like something died in his mouth. eww. Happy Monday!

Yui and Rina from 2-5 came to get the passports and info about class during the break. they’re a really funny pair, always together. Then on the way to class, Yui was talking to Hasegawa-sensei and she went “waaahh… eigo ga kirai!!” (I hate English) and Hasegawa-sensei was like “I love English, repeat after me, I love English” and then she goes “I don’t love English”. and I laugh and she goes “how about Vanessa, don’t you love Vanessa?” and she laughs and wraps her arm in mine and says “love Vanessa! but dont love English!” aaaah, bless. I tried?

Class with 2-5 unfortunately, was super boring. Even the game failed to raise them. No wonder they hate English.

After class, I ran into Minami (runner up for my #1 fangirl) on the stairs and she was like “Vanessa! mata yaseta!” (you lost weight again!) and I was like “no honey, I didn’t but thank you!” it totally cheered me up. haha. Love that kid. Plus she’s gotten so much better at English. She almost always talks to me in Japanese, but then her friend commented on how cold it was and I said “where did the spring go?!” and she went “neeeeeee..” which meant that she agreed, so she’d understood what I said. I would’ve easily rated Minami as one of the weakest kids in 2-1 at the beginning of the year, but she’s actually made visible efforts and now she can communicate with me. I think it’s awesome. ^_^


Today was my LAST TIME EVER of going to elementary school!!! I’d probably be happier about it if I wasn’t sick with a cold, meh. The 5th graders were all especially cute today, even that annoying little fucker who is always loud and never listens in the first class, he was surprisingly well behaved today. The girls kept petting me, in every single class, because I was wearing my super large cashmere cardi again. and then in the last class, they were adorable and they gave me a goodbye/thank you card with pictures of all 3 classes and me teaching them. It was sweet. “omochikaeri-kun” kept pestering me to hug him and then was like “let me goooooooo!” when I did. Silly boy. Then they didn’t want to let me leave and wanted me to eat kyushoku (school lunch) with them but I had to say no because I had class here in the afternoon. Sadness.

I want to make a side note about “omochikaeri-kun” I dunno if I’ve mentioned him yet. He is my favorite 5th grader, he is sooooo cute!! He looks like he’s 5, he has a little hamster face with chubby cheeks, eyes that crinkle to tiny slits when he smiles, and a perpetual huge grin. He also wears little black-rimmed glasses, which make him all the cuter because it’s like he’s a nerdy, hamster. lol. Btw, “omochikaeri” in Japanese is what you say in a restaurant or shop when you are ordering something to go. It literally means “take and bring home”. So one time, I told that kid that he was so cute and I wanted to take him home and he was like “noooooooooooooooooo!!!!” and he ran away from me giggling. The following week, he came up to me, pointed at himself with one finger and went “omochikaeri-kun?” I laughed so hard, and have been referring to him as that ever since. He pretends to hate it, but he loves it ^_-

After I got back to JHS and had lunch, I had my last classes with 2-3 and 2-6. I nearly fell asleep in 2-3 as the JTE took more than half the time to correct their translations (all in Japanese) and I was feeling dizzy cuz I’d forgotten to take my medicine. And then in 2-6, both Ryota (the brat) and Masamitsu (super cute boy that I suspect of morphing into a brat cuz he’s friends with Ryota) came to tell me that they had “forgotten” their show&tell paper, for the 2nd week in a row. Now this made me kinda mad because if it was back home I could dish out some kind of punishment, detention or “you get zero”, but here, not only does stuff not count, but there is no possible punishment you can give to a child for any kind of misbehavior, besides yelling at them, which doesn’t do much. I told Ryota he had to dance in front of the whole class, but he was like “no way!” eh. Class was kind of a bore, until we started playing Pictionary, and they surprisingly got really into it even though they sucked. That class is REALLY weak. lol.


Well, the school year is dwindling slowly, so from today on, I pretty much have only one class a day til the end (except for next Tuesday when I have 3).

Just had my only class of the day, which was also my last class with 1-1. Fun times, they were really cute. Everybody was commenting on how “kawaii” I am with my glasses, which I think is funny. It always happens when I decide to wear glasses, which is not very often, and my kids somehow seem to think that it’s a fashion choice, not because I’m totally blind. lol. Just before class, this one girl came up to me and went “hi! my name is Sakura! let’s talk English!” which I thought was so cute, so we chatted for like 5 minutes in super easy sentences and then she went back to her seat, all chuffed cuz she could talk with me. Gave me warm fuzzies, eheh.

Oh crap. I really wish nosy-sensei would just mind his own business and stop “inviting” me to school events in the gym that I don’t know about - therefore don’t need to be. There goes my free afternoon. That said, I guess it wasn’t useless this time around cuz it’s the 3rd years’ “goodbye ceremony”, so I went. Mostly, it’s just the 2nd year members of the student councils making thank you speeches and there is the “revealing” of the answers of a silly survey that has been asked to all the 3rd years. The questions this year were “what was the most memorable time of junior high school?” (3.sports day, 2.chorus contest, 1.field trip to Kyoto… NEVER changes every single year),  “what was the best kyushoku?” (answers were terribly boring so I will spare you) and “if you could reincarnate into anything or anyone what would it be?” (3.god, 2.a cat, 1.myself… that one was pretty interesting and then they showed other random answers they’d gotten, including the name of the baseball coach, who is hugely popular. lol). Anyways, after that, there were messages from two of the teachers that don’t work at this school anymore, one of whom is a guy who spent his first month here trying to “pick me up”, and the other who is now my BoE supervisor, so I guess it was funny to see their speeches. The kids were happy too as they were both popular teachers. Anyways, at some point during all of that, I realized/remembered that this ceremony is also the time when the school hires a theater troupe to put on a play for the whole school, and I was like “fuck it, no way in hell I am staying there to be bored out of my mind for two hours”. I don’t care what nosy-sensei thinks when he realizes that I am not there at the end; two years is enough. Besides, the play last year was super depressing about a boy who died. It demands too much mental capacities for me to focus on people speaking Japanese for 2 hours, so usually everything just ends up blurring and I just zone out. 2 hours is a long time. never mind that it’s FREEZING in the gym. aaah, no thank you.


I only have one class today and it’s in the afternoon. It’s gonna be a loooong day!

I had to eat lunch with 3-1 today, and I was hoping that they would “forget” me since the last two classes of 2nd years have (last week and this Monday), but I guess the teacher who’s in charge of distributing the lunch schedules to the homerooms finally realized she’d forgotten for March because the girl in charge of English was there bright and early at 12:25 to “pick me up” for lunch. groan. It was mostly uninteresting with kids not talking much and Takuya glaring at me a few times… well, at least it’s over.

My only class of the day was fifth period with 2-4, thank god it went so well. All we did was play games the whole time and everybody was genki and participated. Happy Nessa. Both Kota and Junpei finished the passport stickers, which means I have to get them a special prize…. what to do, what to do…?



Nothing special happened today since I only had one class, with 2-2, and it was the last one and we just played games and it was fun. OH! but there was a huge earthquake in the middle of the afternoon!! It didn’t affect us much here but the building was really shaking back and forth a lot for quite a while! kinda scary!

on that note… I’m off!!

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