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Monday, March 7, 2011

Student file: Minami

Minami is one of my favorite students by far, and when all my 3rd years graduate, she will probably take over the crown of my number 1 fangirl.

She’s a 2nd year student in 2-1, but has been really interested in “Vanessa-sensei” since she was in 1st year. Possibly even since elementary school since I did teach her a few times. Minami is awesome because she’s super precocious. She’s always been tall (even in grade 6) and she is loud and aspires most likely to be a gyaru and shop staff. She has a lot of “older” friends that are now in high school, and some of them are drop-outs too. When I first found out that she was good friends with Anna (one of the 3rd year drop-outs) I was afraid that she might eventually drop-out too, but now it doesn’t seem very likely. She seems to enjoy her school life.

The thing that makes Minami so charming to me, is that she thinks I’m her friend. she comes up to me in class to tell me of all the school laws she’s breaking, like piercing her ears (they’re not allowed!), wearing dark green color contacts, or dying her hair slightly brown. It really cracks me up. Usually she waves me over, shows me whatever thing (ex. her pierced ear) and then brings a finger to her lips and goes “shhhh….” and winks. in my head I keep thinking “you do realize that I am a teacher, right?!” but I can’t be mad at her for breaking those rules, since I think they’re stupid anyways.

Another thing is that she always comes and chat with me anytime she sees me. And she makes an effort to understand English, because she likes me. When we first started the year, she was extremely weak at English, but I keep working with her in class and now she’s improved tremendously. She’s still by no means good, but she tries. it makes me really happy.

one of my favorite Minami moments (besides the law-breaking ones) was one time when I was having lunch with her class, and I was sitting at another table, and the kids at that table were all being super quiet and not talking to me. Minami, from across the room, shouts at a kid at my table and goes (in Japanese) “hey! aren’t you talking to Vanessa?! This is a good chance for you!” and when they mumbled some half-assed answer, she proceeded to spend the rest of the class shouting questions to me in half-English-half-Japanese for the rest of lunchtime. <3

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  1. When I was in Japanese class a few years back, I made friends with a girl named Minami, she was sooo sweet n___n

    "Your" Minami sounds very cute too!