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Thursday, July 14, 2011

week of July 11th to 15th


1-7 went alright. funniest thing that I can remember that happened was, during the “running game” (I have 2 kids go against each other and they have to run to the board and circle the word I say), this kid Naoki, who’s a little bit “off”, just yelled out this like… battle cry or something, as he ran to the board, left and right looking for the good word, and he still ended up losing to the other kid. lol. Everyone was laughing. It was pretty funny.

Then I had Sentaku-class with 3-3 which was ok, just before I walked into class, I saw Ryouga who was talking to a friend and I went “Ryouga-chan! You’re not crazy today!” and went “yeah… tired!” and I said “good boy!” and left him to his friends teasing him cuz I had called him “-chan”. I love using that on my boys…. demeaning their masculinity is the funniest thing. eheh. Anyways, class went fine but we finished early and Shigeki-sensei just let them dick-around for like 20 minutes. Oh, one funny thing, during the song, at one point, I turned around and saw Shigeki-sensei trying to sing along and shaking his hips to the beat. Funniest. Thing. Ever. (he’s like 60)

After that I had the same lesson with 3-6, and they were just dead. I could get no reaction out of them, at all. Even Taisei was super quiet. meh. I know it’s hot, kids, but come on! Afterwards I had them play Pictionary with the left-over time, and they woke up a bit, but still. meh.

Back in the staffroom, I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone had turned the aircon down to 25C!! Technically, they’re not “allowed”. There’s no actual rule, but most places never put it any lower than 27C….

After school I ran into Nao and ended up walking with her all the way to the station. She’s so cute! and her English is getting really good ^_^ she told me she hadn’t been chosen for the speech contest (which of course, I already knew) and was a bit bummed, but she said that now she was gonna try and get a solo for the chorus contest in the fall. Good for her! She also said that she did choir outside of school, and when I asked what she was gonna do for summer vacation, she said “study!” lol. Then, randomly, as we’d almost reached the station, she went “aaah, I want a boyfriend!” and I said “me too!” and then asked her if there was a boy she fancied at school and she giggled and nodded, but then she wouldn’t tell me who he was because she was embarrassed and “he’s not cool”. eheh.


Aaah man, I’m so tired. 5 classes today and it’s SO hot. I have just finished my 4 morning classes, had lunch and finally can sit down. My feet actually hurt. I can’t remember last time that happened *sigh*

First period with 2-2 was a bit of a bore and nothing exciting happened. Then during 2nd period with 2-1, the mini-gyaruo and the kid with grey hair kept giggling at me from across the room. Then, when I came over, grey-haired boy rushed to cover something he was drawing in his book. Probably something pornish again. I tried to get him to show it to me, but to no avail. At one point, I squat down beside him do ask him something and saw his gaze very unsubtly shift down into my cleavage. Eeeh… then he asked me “sensei… sonna fuku, suki?” (lit: teacher like these clothes) and I was really confused… did he mean do I like my clothes? does he like my clothes?” and so I’m like “…… yes?” and him and his friend just kinda go “huh….” wtf. That was weird. This is not the first time I’ve worn this shirt!! wtf?! Although I get the feeling that this class is gonna be the return of the pervs, version 2.0! lol.

Then I did the same lesson again with 2-3, and it was really fun, and after that I had sentaku class with 3-2. At the beginning of class Daisuke and Kota and Dan and Imari (you know, the 3-2 boy posse) came over and started chatting random bullshit at me that I forgot… I just remember that I heard Dan tell Daisuke that he should tell me that I had big boobs. Daisuke shook his head and went “Ero, ero! He is ero!!” lol (it means he’s a perv or something) and I just laughed and went, “oh, are you?” and he said “no, no, no!” lol. I said “you’re a good boy?” and he said “yes!” and flashed me his huge grin. Aww, I have no trouble believing him. Then Dan came back and pointed to some random kid and went “he is ero. number 1!” and I said “in this class?” and they all chimed, “yes!”, followed by “this class! this school! all over the world!!” in English. lol. The lesson itself was pretty uneventful though.

Eh, I thought 3-1 class was gonna be ok, but they were just dead, and who can blame them, really? 6th period in this heat? Anyhow, when I was done with my lesson, there was about 20 minutes left and Shigeki-sensei told them they could do homework or whatever, and Kouki said “can we have some music?” which made me smile, but I put some on for them. After a while, Nichika, Seiya and some other boys came over to fuss over my ipod and ooh-ed and aah-ed cuz I had Big Bang songs on there. Apparently Nichika is a big Big Bang fan. Minami was like, “doesn’t he look like D-lite?” and I was like “huh?” (trying to remember which one D-Lite is, cuz honestly, besides G-Dragon and T.O.P. I really don’t know their names) and Kouki goes “Nichika, smile!” and he just kinda grinned, flashing his giant white teeth and I go “omg! He does!” lol. He’s way skinnier though… they went through about all the songs from them on the ipod, and then found the ones from the Korean drama “you’re beautiful” and were super surprised that I had them. Minami asked me which boy from the drama I thought was the hottest, but I’ve watched it almost a year ago so I really don’t remember, so I said “all of them!” later on, true to herself, Minami just randomly asked me if I drank alcohol. (I answered “yes”, cuz what else was I gonna say, really?) and then she asked me if I was “strong” (which is a question you always get from Japanese people… it refers to how much booze you can handle before getting drunk) and I said so-so. She said I must be strong cuz I was gaijin. lol. Then the bell rang. mwaha.


So apparently, from today until the end of the semester, we only have shortened classes, and only in the morning. That would be nice if it meant that I actually had less classes, but most my classes are in the morning anyways so it doesn’t really change anything.

I had 1-1 first period and all went well. The end of the lesson was having the kids practice “I don’t like”, which I enjoyed very much cuz I like bitching about stuff. On the way to class, I ran into a bunch of other kids heading to music class, and of course was followed by a chorus of “hello”s, except for Genki, who decided it would be funny to go “Nihao!” at me. He did it on the way back too. lol.

I guess I was having a bad day that day, cuz I totally forgot to write about the two other classes I had. oh well.


When I showed up to class with 3-5, Ryohei had like a crown of little pine needles in his hair. wtf. Everybody was giggling at him and I told him he looked like a forest princess and he went “hai. sou desu” (that’s right). lol. He kept them in for the WHOLE class and only took them off at the end. lol.

When I walked into 1-5 second period, all the kids started squealing like excited little piglets. They were like “Vanessa, since you’re here, does it mean we’re not having a test?!?!” and indeed, apparently that’s what it meant. But I told them at the beginning of class that since they weren’t having a test, it meant they had to be “super super genki” and that cracked them up.

On the way to 3-4, these two girls started chatting with me and were really hilarious, even though the bell was gonna ring soon, they kept talking and talking… lol. one of them told me that my shirt was very sexy, and I was like “eh?” basically, there is a patch of see-through lace on the top back of my shirt… and I’m wearing a cami under… how is that sexy???

Anyhow, I was expecting class with 3-4 to be a pain, but unexpectedly, it went really well. Because they somehow got an extra lesson over all the other classes, I didn’t wanna prepare a whole other music lesson, so I thought we were just gonna play games. first I had them play bingo with all the new words we learned from the previous songs (on 30, they remembered the meaning of about 4…. :/) and after that, we played Pictionary and it was hilarious because all the “naughty” boys got REALLY into it, and at the end, I made this one question worth 3 points, and of course everybody’s hand shot off at the same time, and even the bell had rung and nobody cared. And Bad Ryota was yelling like a crazy person “me! me!” so I chose him but I told everyone on his team “you can’t help him!!” and so everybody got quiet and he yelled triumphantly “COOKING!!” while pointing at me (which was the correct answer) and I laughed and the 3 points bonus made their team win. Never seen anybody that happy to get a sticker. lol.


Finally it’s Friday! Man, I’m so tired this morning. But my first two periods went well and there’s only one more to go. During first period with 1-6, Yuka was having them practice “what do you drink?” and they had to answer “I drink ______” and one kid was like “nama biru!” (beer) lol. After that, every other kid came up with every kind of alcohol in the book… only in Japan… lol.

After class I went straight to 1-4 classroom, cuz the 1nensei building is apart from the rest of the school and there’s no point going back to the staffroom for 2 minutes and then going back there, but because I was really tired, I sat down at the teacher’s desk kinda slumped and started doodling on a paper. This one kid, who is a little bit weird (but has somehow taken a liking to me) comes over and goes “kyou, nanka, genki nai yo ne” (you aren’t feeling well today aren’t you?) and I just thought it was the cutest thing. I told him I was just very sleepy and he nodded and left. lol. Then during the rest of the class, whenever some kids would notice the little doodle I’d left on the desk, they would go “hey, who drew this?” and another kid would go “Vanessa did” and the other kid would go “chou umai jan!” (it’s really good!) which made me giggle, because I’m really not that good at drawing, but it’s always nice to hear. eheh.

During 4th period, I did fortune-telling with 2-5, and nearly ALL the fortunes involved Asai-sensei in some way, which made the whole thing hilarious. I was like “wow, he’s really popular!” til Mizushima-sensei told me he was their homeroom teacher… :p Oh well, it could’ve happened. I still think he’s hot :p

During lunchtime I eat lunch in the staffroom at my desk. I usually read a book while I eat. Just before I was about to start eating, Taisei (from 3-6) and that kid with the floppy hair walked in and started talking with Yabe-sensei. When they turned to leave they looked at me, Taisei went “nani kore?”, babbled some more stuff that I didn’t really understand, and then left, or tried to leave, as Yabe-sensei told them they should try and talk to me in English and they were like “no no no… we’re not good at English!” (in Japanese) and I’m like “what are you talking about? You’re like the best one in your class!” and Yabe said “really?” and then forced them to come back. Taisei walked up “shyly” (which was hilarious considering I know he’s not shy at all” and went “what’s this?” pointing at my book. I gave it to him and he went “suge” (wow) a few times, flipped it over, tried to read a few words from it and gave it back to me shaking his head. I told him “it’s easy English” (cuz it was a young-adult book) and he went “oh?” and then he said thank you and they left. lol.

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